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 We have entered the track “MOONSTONE” into the Grammys® in the category of   Best Arrangement, Instruments, and ACappella


In just a matter of months since its release, "Moonstone" has achieved remarkable success, soaring high on iTunes Charts in seven different countries. These nations include Kenya, Uruguay, Cambodia, Belarus, Slovenia, El Salvador, and our beloved America.

This global recognition underscores the universal appeal and artistic excellence of "Moonstone."


But the accolades don't stop there. "Moonstone" has been steadily gaining momentum across various platforms, including Pandora, Tidal, and iTunes. Its undeniable allure and musical craftsmanship have resonated with listeners worldwide, cementing its status as a standout composition.

Now, we humbly request your esteemed consideration and support for "Moonstone" in the Best Arrangement, Instruments, and

A Cappella category. Your vote would not only be an honor but also a vital contribution to the recognition of exceptional artistry and dedication to the craft of music.

Your vote can help us bring the magic of "Moonstone" to the forefront of the Grammy Awards® stage, where it rightfully belongs. 

We would be so honored to have your consideration for this track under the category of Best Arrangement, Instruments, and Acappella.



Musical Credits

Produced by: Melissa B. & Michael Ashby

Vocals: Melissa B.

Executive Producer: Melissa B. 

Mixed by Michael Ashby

Mastered by Michael Ashby

Label: Lifted Lofi Records

It’s been available and selling since release on iTunes, Amazon Music, and streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. Hundreds of thousands of plays have happened across these platforms, all around the world for this song. 



                                  For Your Consideration

                               We would be so honored to have your consideration for this track "MOONSTONEunder the category of



                                     Best Arrangement, Instruments, Acappella






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