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B612 Features Melissa B. Music on App

Melissa B. is a USA #1 Billboard R&B / Pop charted artist, speaker and actress. Rising up the UK Charts peaking at #2, as well as rapidly growing in the China Market with 100k downloads. Independently she’s accomplished over half a million YouTube hits, 5 million streams via Soundcloud and has been considered for Grammy Nomination 4 times.

Melissa B. gained capacity for knowledge to change the music and tech industry as a whole. She founded the prominent organization titled “NYC Girl Geek Dinners”, sponsored by Google, Microsoft and ThoughtWorks.

Now on her new venture with the mobile music tech application titled as B612, Melissa B. will be joining a list of reputable artists to interact with her music on this amazing app.

B612 is a global camera app used by 300 million users worldwide. B612 is a sensational app among the millennials for its exhilarating face filters and charming background filters that enhance the users selfie experience. In addition, “Music Mode” enables users to take and edit videos with their favorite artists song playing in the background.

Melissa will be exposing B612 more to millennials as well as her growing fan base.

Her new single titled “Disconnect” will be the next song featured on the B612 platform.

Be sure to download the app from your Google Play Store or App Store today!

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