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I am finally an Author of a book that I have said for too long I wanted to do. I am so happy to share with you my little masterpiece "Digitally Independent". I thought it would be fitting to Self-Publish my work so that you can see that I am doing this all on my own.

Digitally Independent is a step by step guide to success for independent music artists.

It discusses in detail about how independent artists can start from the beginning. In order to start their realization of being their own business.

Digitally Independent  is a inspiration to open the mind of the artist wanting to do this on their own. The book is designed to educate and inspire. The book is packed with great ideas and proven techniques. Don't get caught up in the illusion of the limelight. Study and learn the business for yourself as you are a brand.

Digitally Independent assists aspiring artists with developing the needed skills in order to think outside the box and reach to greater levels of success.

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