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Hollywood Music in Media Winner - Melissa B. "Best Pop Song - Maria"

Melissa B. was awarded "Best Pop Song" for her song Maira for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for 2015. She won the same night that songwriting Diane Warren, won an award for Best Song in a Film.

As an independent artist, you may or may not be privy to Melissa’s career in the arts read below to learn more! Melissa B. was previously featured at Carnegie Hall performing with Jazz Pianist Vincent Lyn & Grammy Award Winner Flutist Wouter Kellerman.

Melissa B.’s rendition of Sweet Thing by the legendary Chaka Khan, had the audience in high applause.

“Sometimes last minute changes can be amazing. This was one such moment. Melissa sang Sweet Thing by Chaka Khan and blew the roof off Carnegie. The whole groove was right in the pocket. The entire concert was phenomenal this special surprise was magic in a bottle.” Vincent Lyn.

Melissa B. song "Maria" is currently being considered for several Grammy nominations submitted this year. "Maria" is an inspirational song that is dedicated to all the women in the world who are working to break free from poverty, hunger, violence and inequality.

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