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Melissa B. Releases - "Breathe" on VEVO

Breathe" is the first single from Melissa B's first EP called "Exclusively" that is out now. The song is about when you Breathe life what you must be thinking when your whole life flashes before your eyes when your leave this world. Melissa B. draws you in with her vocal skills and the beat to go along with it. With the Production done by  B. Howard this great Trap beat is a great display of how his music can draw you in the moment. 

Melissa B. was considered for several Grammy nominations this year for her song "What You Started".  She is an Electric Pop music artist who is driven by technology putting her in a lane of her own. Melissa sets herself apart by not only having the vocal chops of a great music artist but has also intertwined technology in her everyday use as an artist. She is capable of not only expressing her passion for the computer science world, but can vocally break down the barriers between music and technology. 

This is why you are going to love listening & dancing to Melissa B.'s music.  

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