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New Release - Closer by Melissa B.

On December 11th Melissa B. is releasing her latest single called "Closer". Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Melissa B. returns with a highly anticipated new song “CLOSER.” The new song written by Dante Labelle and Melissa B., produced by Menace two- time grammy nominated producer who was responsible for the song “Panda” for Desiigner.

“CLOSER” (oh yes) is a straight-up R&B cut with shades of tropical color in which Melissa B. is giving you that feel-good R&B tune. This R&B tune is about being in love and letting her lover know how he makes her feel. This song is a combination of mechanical instruments and Melissa's beautiful, romantic voice. It’s clear why the World Songwriters Awards recently awarded Melissa B. best R&B song and “Future R&B Diva” “CLOSER” will be available at all digital providers and all streaming providers and released thru ACES NATION

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