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New To The Street - Interviews Melissa B. about Beatify Audio.

New to The Street T.V. welcomes on this week’s show, Beatify, Inc.’s(CRYPTO: SONG) ($SONG) Ms. Melissa B., Music Artist and Author of “Digitally Independent,” who sits down for a NASDAQ in-studio interview with T.V. Anchor Jane King. Melissa gives her background and experience in the music and technology industries and explains how Beatify combines technology, music, and crypto in an easy-to-use streaming platform. She eloquently states that Beatify is the answer to all independent artists who want to get a fair share of exposure on a platform built for fair trade. Independent artists are becoming savvier within the Crypto world and finding new ways to make money. Melissa sees Beatify as a complete game-changer for songwriters and producers to get their fair share. gives the artist a fair-trade platform on music contributions, whereas competitor streaming platforms fail to pay fairly. Melissa talks about her book, “Digitally Independent,” a resource for all musicians and singers to understand how to produce, distribute, brand, and get paid for their artistic creations. As a decentralized music streaming platform, Beatify remains ahead of the curve with its technological attributes. The $SONG token positioned itself as a leader and industry disrupter in fairly paying for musical creations. A soon-to-be-released newly titled song, “Physical,” Melissa reveals that her new music will ONLY be available on Beatify, exclusively for the first month before she distributes the new release title on other standard and digital mediums.

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