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Readbana US online game now with Melissa B. Music

Redbana US, a leading publisher of online games, recently inquired its global hit video game Audition Online with Melissa B. Music.  It was announced by Redbana that "Exclusively EP ," by Melissa B. would be featured alongside many of today's hottest musicians, including chart-topping artists such as Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Fallout Boy and Jordin Sparks.

Melissa B. is a multi-faceted Artist/Songwriter/Performer out of New York.  She is currently putting the finishing touches to her long awaited album, "Computer Love," and hopes that the exposure she gains from having her songs in Audition Online can jumpstart the buzz before the release. "It's such an exciting honor to be included alongside such superstar artists on an internationally recognized game," said Melissa B. 

"2017 has been starting off in a cool way. Seeing these cartoon figures dancing to my music is nothing short of mindblowing. I love seeing my music incorporated in technology that has always been my dream." says Melissa B. 

The "Exclusively EP," was produced by several producers and is now available for download at Melissa B.'s website

It is also being distributed worldwide via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

In Audition Online, players dance to upbeat jams, hitting moves in-sync with the rhythm to promote their character to stardom. Audition Online currently boasts 300+ million registered users worldwide on their platform. 

For more information on Redbana or Audition, visit: 

For more information on Melissa B. , please visit:

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