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Melissa B. has created an interesting issue for me with her new single “Waterman”. Produced by her with Michael Ashby, the mellow groove that’s lush with harmonious background layers and tribal-like drums reminds of vintage Soul II Soul mixed with Lisa Fischer.

Melissa’s voice glides on a dynamic track that’s diverse with instrumental dynamics. It compliments her range, which she’s never shy to utilize both skillfully and creatively with flawless pitch.

The issue here is how much the song sooths the soul while also jolting the limbs. I can’t decide if I should chill with a drink while listening or get up and dance. There is, however, no back and forth when it comes to my opinion; “Waterman” is yet another incredible song from Melissa B that furthers the conversation of how great of an artist she is. |THIS.

[By Mr. Joe Walker]

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